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Bifrost Finance
Omni LS - Moonbeam campaign
Oct 13th 23, 11:00 am ~ Nov 22nd 23, 12:00 pm
On October 12th, Bifrost announced its new SLPx Pallet/Smart contract and the Omni LS DApp.

SLPx aims to make transactions between Moonbeam/Moonriver users and the Omni LS dApp easier, safer and faster thanks to the power of XCM, increasing communication efficiency, and improving the user experience.

The goal of the event is to pave the road for the DOT unlock event on October 24th. Introducing users to the dApp and familiarizing you with its mechanics and the assets within, you will be allowed to take advantage of the benefits of Bifrost Liquid Staking.

The Moonbeam x Omni LS dApp Campaign is the first in a series of events that will also involve Polkadot ecosystem Wallets, as well as, of course, Polkadot itself.

You will be able to discord the dapp but also our DEX partners: