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Shardeum Stars: Whitepaper Launch Giveaway
Nov 9th 23, 4:30 pm ~ Nov 30th 23, 6:29 pm
🌟Celebrating the Shardeum Whitepaper Launch,Shardeum ecosystem projects have joined hands to throw you a grand party in the form of quests & rewards, Dive into the exciting world of the Shardeum & explore the star projects building on it with #ShardeumStars on Airlyft!

Event Duration: 9th Nov to 30th Nov

💰Immerse yourself in the future of decentralized wonders and stand a chance to win hundreds of $ worth of incredible rewards by completing quests from our partner projects!
  • IceCreamSwap: $100 in ICE
  • DotNames Domains: $100 worth USDT
  • HyperMove: 5 pre alpha whitelist + 100$ worth of NFTs
  • Desig : $100 USDT random for 10 multisig wallet
  • SmartDeployer: 100$ token airdrop
  • Zezu Marketplace: OG roles
  • Galacticore: OG Roles + Whitelist Spots
  • Shardeum Times: Shardeum heroes NFT + $50 USDT
  • ShardStarter: Whitelist for 200 Genesis NFTs
  • wowTalkies: 20 NFTs wrapped with $wowT token
  • Lighthouse.Storage: 100$ split between 10 random participants
📢Moreover 5 random winners who finish all the quests and verify them in this main page here will be raffled to share 100 USDT!

🚁The stakes are high, and the excitement is real – let the exploration begin! 🌟