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PolkaMAPS - Join the Mesh!
Feb 1st 24, 4:17 pm ~ Feb 18th 24, 6:00 pm
Welcome to the "Join the Mesh" campaign, an exciting initiative by PolkaMAPS designed to unite explorers from all corners of the digital world. Our mission is simple yet profound: to gather the largest community of explorers and reward their curiosity and bravery with $PMAPS tokens.

Why Join?
  • Gather and Grow: Join a community of like-minded explorers eager to chart the unexplored territories of PolkaMAPS.
  • Earn $PMAPS: Receive $PMAPS tokens as a reward for your participation and enthusiasm.
  • Claim Your Lands: Use your $PMAPS to claim lands within the PolkaMAPS universe, unlocking the potential to discover its secrets.
  • Dive into Secrets: Each piece of land holds mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Your exploration could lead to unlocking hidden treasures and lore within the PolkaMAPS universe.
The "Join the Mesh" campaign is more than just an event; it's the beginning of a grand exploration where every participant has the chance to be a pioneer. Whether you're mapping unknown territories, claiming lands, or unlocking the lore of this vast digital landscape, your journey will be rewarded.