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Dream Team Collect 10
Apr 10th 24, 2:26 am ~ Jul 30th 24, 6:29 pm
We're making history as one of the first web3 projects hiring exclusively NFT holders, and we're looking for the boldest, brightest minds to join us. Welcome to Kabuni's "Dream Team" campaign, where we empower the movers, shakers, and changemakers of tomorrow.

Empowerment Through Exclusive NFTs:
The ChangeMaker NFT on Polygon is your key to unlocking a world of opportunities. It's not just a token; it's your membership card to an exclusive club of innovators and disruptors in the web3 space.

Open Roles - Your Skills in Action:
With over ten roles already live on our Airlyft platform and more on the horizon, your perfect position awaits. It's your skills, your drive, and your vision that will shape the Kabuni ecosystem and beyond.

Rally the Troops - Spread the Word:
Retweet the blog, follow Kabuni, and bring your frens into the fold. Encourage them to grab their ChangeMaker NFT and apply for the roles that will define the future of sustainability and education.

Join the "Dream Team" - How to Get Involved:

  • Follow: Stay updated with Kabuni on Twitter.
  • Retweet: Amplify our call for changemakers.
  • Invite: Encourage friends to secure their ChangeMaker NFT and discover their dream roles.
  • Engage: Join our community and contribute to the ecosystem growth.
It's simple - complete ten quests, get ten Kabuni! Choose for yourself which ten quests you want to complete.

Two lucky winners will be eligible for a SuperClub NFT (worth $500) and a ChangeMaker NFT!

Why Join Kabuni?
Because here, you're not just finding a job. You're seizing an opportunity to drive change!

Join us, share the vision, and let's build the "Dream Team" that will steer the Kabuni ecosystem to new horizons.

🌟 Visit our Open Roles blog for more details and start your journey with Kabuni today!