Case Study: Beamswap

Beamswap is one of the leading Defi hubs on Moonbeam Network which provides accessibility to core Defi features.


About Beamswap

Beamswap is one of the leading Defi hubs on Moonbeam Network which provides accessibility to core Defi features such as Swap Tokens, Supply Liquidity, Yield Farms, and many more for its users. Users can also use their Integrated Bridge functionality to bridge their cryptocurrencies from other EVM Chains to Moonbeam Network and vice versa. Along with these awesome functionalities, you can also take advantage of Limit Orders, Portfolio Trackers, charts, and many more.

Problems with the Campaign:

Justin Silva, CMO for Beamswap, hated the way campaigns are being executed in the world of blockchain as they were always

  • Repetitive

  • Filled with Bots

  • Had multiple participations & cheaters

  • Manually intensive process validating entries

  • Reward Distribution is a pain

  • The learning process of projects is unquantifiable

Solutions Offered

After an in-depth discussion of pain points with the Beamswap team, we were able to convince them of the way AirLyft solves all the above-mentioned pain points, Beamswap decided to create a campaign during Christmas named "12 Days of DeFi" that was scheduled to start mid-of December 2022 and last until end week of December 2022.

They wanted to have a mix of centralized and decentralized tasks for the participants as below.

Centralized Tasks:

  • Following their Twitter Account.

  • Like and Retweet a particular tweet.

  • Quote Tweeting a Feedback.

  • Discord and Telegram join tasks.

  • Visiting Instagram Profile and Beamswap Mainnet Application.

Decentralized Tasks:

  • Swapping a token on Beamswap Mainnet Application

  • Staking the token on Beamswap Mainnet Application

  • Zapping into Liquidity Pool

  • Staking in GLINT-GLMR Farm Pool

Beamswap team wanted to publish a hybrid campaign where along with interacting on social channels, participants also interact with the mainnet application that gives them a first-hand experience of user flows at Beamswap for certain activities and at the same time impart knowledge on awesome functionalities and farms available at Beamswap.

Post Event Results

Beamswap received a phenomenal response of over 34000 entries and as per analytics, it was seen that more than 5000 on-chain actions were performed on the Moonbeam Network as a part of this event. The number of token holders increased by more than 450 who have successfully staked their GLINT tokens on Beamswap.

About AirLyft

AirLyft is the ultimate decentralized, multichain growth-hacking platform designed to help projects establish, expand, and engage their communities. Our feature-rich platform incentivizes both on-chain and off-chain actions, automating validation, reward creation, and distribution to save countless hours of marketing and development effort. With support for over 9 blockchains, AirLyft is the ideal solution for any project, whether it's focused on Defi, GameFi, NFT Projects, or Metaverses.

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