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non-fungible tokens (NFTs)


1. Ready, Set, Let’s Get Social

Blast off your NFT project with some social sizzle! Skyrocket your reach by incentivizing interactions and building a passionate community across various channels. Keep your audience engaged and coming back for more with exciting challenges and opportunities. Ready, set, let's get social!

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2. Learn & Earn

All good NFT Projects have a story to tell, but are you sure the audience is listening? Using our quiz feature, you can reward those community members who spend time understanding the story and the art. Quizzes are an amazing way to educate your community, raise awareness & engage with your audience. Build and connect with your community by getting them one step closer to being familiar with your project.

Quizzes and Surveys

3. Create interoperable experiences with other projects.

AirLyft is a game-changing solution to integrate Non-Fungible Tokens, allowing you to validate whether a wallet holds any specific NFTs, the number of NFTs held, time held for and more. AirLyft facilitates collaboration and rewards between projects, developers, and collectors.


4. Mint & Reward activities as NFTs

Unleash effortless giveaways with your own newly minted customized NFTs on AirLyft! With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly distribute ERC721 or ERC1155 NFTs to your campaign’s winners.

Mint your own NFTs & Tokens

5. Seamless Reward Automation

Say goodbye to manual labour and hello to effortless automation. Enjoy hassle free, swift & secure on-chain distribution of rewards, making your campaign experience a breeze.

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