Combine actions in hundreds of different ways to create claimable rewards


  • Select NFTs that already exist or create your own using AirLyft to distribute as rewards. We support ERC1155 as well as ERC721 NFTs.
  • Determine the reward distribution criteria, such as contribution or participation in a specific event or activity.
  • Use AirLyft to distribute NFTs to eligible individuals manually through whitelisting or automated using our on-chain reward distribution mechanism.
  • Celebrate with your community the successful distribution of rewards to keep their interest and participation
  • Select your own native tokens, stable coins or create one using AirLyft in just a couple of clicks.
  • Create your own reward pool with your selected tokens
  • Once the campaign ends , participants can claim their rewards directly from the reward pool without any need for manual dependency on the project.
Whitelists/Shortlist s
  • Create a campaign on AirLyft and opt for the Whitelist/Shortlist function.
  • Once the campaign ends, export your data, select the winners and manually distribute the rewards.

Token Distribution made easy

Our dashboard makes it super easy to whitelist winners for your marketing campaigns with all their task details, personal info and more to understand who you’re giving your rewards to. Besides that our Automated reward distribution is a game changer as well supporting On Chain automated reward distribution of your tokens or NFT’s to your community members.

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We make sure that your reward distribution is secure and automated, so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business. AirLyft.One is fast, reliable and easy to use - offering you complete value for money!

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