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Welcome to our case studies section, where we showcase some of the projects that have used AirLyft and the results they achieved with it.

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The PolkaPals II Campaign

How 17 projects received 55,000 actions in 30 days | The PolkaPals II Campaign Retrospective

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Warriors of Freya

Warriors of Freya is an art-focused NFT project based on Norse mythology and launching on the Avalanche blockchain with support from the Joepegs launchpad.

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Pirates of Arrland is a cutting-edge multiplayer online battle arena experience that seamlessly blends the worlds of economic strategy and gaming

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Streamlining NFT Claims for BITSAA BGM'23

BITSAA Global Meet was hosted in Jaipur, India where delegates claimed their Proof of Attendance NFTs from AirLyft

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Pendulum Chain

The Pendulum chain is a decentralized blockchain technology for modernizing traditional financial infrastructure

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Beamswap is one of the leading Defi hubs on Moonbeam Network which provides accessibility to core Defi features.

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Heroes Of NFT

Heroes Of NFT, a giant gaming project on the Avalanche ecosystem, is an online card game where you can attend tournaments and defeat your opponents to rise to victory. Its unique story structure allows you to enter a Metaverse in the year 2073 to experience the stories of your heroes and get to know more about the world they live in before you begin to fight.

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Alpha Gambit

Alpha Gambit is the crypto sports betting on Avalanche Ecosystem that focuses on the future of sports gaming. They are an experienced pack of Anon Wolfs that share the common passions of technology, crypto, sports, and building unique products! The mission is to unite sports Gambits from around the world to join wolf pack, through the most innovative sports gaming platform in the crypto space.

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RMRK, an innovation wave in the NFT categories of blockchain, is a set of NFT Legos that give NFTs infinite extensibility, hosted on Kusama Blockchain, Polkadot's canary network, without the need for parachains or smart contract. RMRK team has introduced eternal liquidity, forward compatible, nested, conditional, and multi resourced NFTs in the world of blockchain.

"Our platform has helped organizations across a wide range of industries create complex scenarios of giveaways, competitions and contests in a simple manner to drive success. Our case studies demonstrate the value AirLyft brings to projects and the impact our work has on their bottom line. We hope you have fun exploring our collection of case studies and learn more about how AirLyft can help your organization achieve similar results. Please feel free to reach out to us for any queries."

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