Expose your audience to your decentralized product & reward them for engagement.

DeFi & Decentralized Exchanges


1. Hybrid on chain & off chain tasks

Take advantage of the strengths of both on-chain and off-chain systems, resulting in increased scalability, security, and efficiency when creating growth hacking tasks for your community. Create tasks like, Add liquidity to this pool and tweet about it to get rewarded” to increase your product to consumer engagement.

See how project’s are using centralised and decentralised tasks to engage communities.

2. Create collaborative campaigns with other projects

Create Co Marketing Campaigns with partner projects & leverage the resources, networks, and expertise of multiple entities to maximize the reach and impact of the campaigns. By collaborating with other projects, businesses can benefit from shared resources, increased visibility, and amplified marketing efforts, leading to more effective and successful marketing outcomes.


3. Learn & Earn Campaigns

Create fun & educative quiz campaigns. Educate the next 1million users about your DEX and bring your audience to be more familiar with your project.

Learn more about Quizzes

4. Early access forms

Build a close relation with all early adopters, with early access forms before your token launch and build your relation with your community.

Create a customised form

5. Unleash the Power of Decentralization with Airlyft

Get your community engaged in exciting activities like token swapping, adding liquidity, staking, minting, lending, and borrowing. Create a fun and interactive way to interact with your dApp.

Create On Chain tasks that incentivises users to interact with your project

6. Maximize User Engagement with Our Analytics Dashboard

Get Vital Insights into Active Product Users and Reward Them for Their Activities

Learn from the experienced

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