Easily create and distribute authorization NFTs, Live Passes, or Tickets

Metaverse & Live Events


Distribute Proof Of Attendance NFTs

Imagine this: You’re at a physical event and receive a souvenir or piece of memorabilia as proof of attendance. Why not bring that same level of excitement and engagement to your next metaverse event? With AirLyft, you can now make that a reality. AirLyft automates the process of minting and distributing Proof of Attendance NFTs to all participants, making it hassle-free for you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your metaverse event to the next level.


Build your Web3 audience within the Metaverse

Invite your brand evangelists to join your community on various socials like Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Youtube, Instagram & Subsocial by creating engaging tasks on AirLyft like Fun quizzes, Instagram Filter Games

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Verify Avatars, Land owners, & players

AirLyft’s On Chain verification allows projects to verify the holders of their Metaverse Avatars, ensuring that the rightful owners are verified and rewarded accordingly.


Engage your virtual community

Create tasks like “Tweet about us & mint your own NFT”, “Hold an NFT in your wallet for 10 days and get a reward”, create fun brand relevant campaigns using AirLyft.

Learn from the experienced

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