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Gamefi Projects


1. Never miss a new user! Let AirLyft automatically handle your airdrops

Incentivise your gaming communities with in-game NFT’s and tokens. Create your campaigns and automate distribution of these rewards to your community with the click of a button.


2. Learn & Earn

Unlock the Power of Storytelling in Your Game: Engage Players with Quizzes, Connect with Your Community & Raise Awareness! Are you tired of players quickly losing interest in your game? Want to keep them engaged and coming back for more? Look no further! By using quizzes to highlight the background behind each character in your game, you can immerse your players into the story, making it a more unforgettable experience. The result? A loyal player base that can’t get enough of your game and its captivating story.

Quizzes and Surveys

3. Enhance your gaming audience

Ready to blast off your GameFi project to new heights? Lets get social and bring your game’s story to life! Enhance your reach by incentivizing interactions and building a passionate gaming community across various channels. Keep your audience engaged and coming back for more with exciting challenges and opportunities. Build your own gaming guild to last!!

Social Tasks

4. Seamless Reward Automation

Say goodbye to manual labour and hello to effortless automation. Enjoy hassle free, swift & secure on-chain distribution of rewards, making your campaign experience a breeze.


5. Level Based Incentives

Motivate your players to soar higher with level based incentives! Encourage your community to reach new heights in the game by offering them exciting rewards as they level up by using AirLyft’s No Code Smart Contract Solutions

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6. Verify In Game Collectible Holders

AirLyft’s On Chain verification allows projects to verify the holders of their In Game Collectibles, ensuring that the rightful owners are verified and rewarded accordingly.


7. Want to build your own Brand Ambassador Program ?

Our analytics dashboard gives you just the insights you need to see who is playing your game, purchasing in game collectibles, trading NFTs, and more. Create campaigns where players can upload video streams of their highlight reels, create new character design ideas, etc to keep your project relevant and create your project loyalists.

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