Providing seamless experience by creating a perfect onboarding flow for existing or incoming projects & individuals.

Ecosystems & Launchpads


Whitelist As You Need

Easily distinguish between active and inactive users, and reward the active ones with exclusive access to a pre-sale of your projects token before it becomes publicly available.

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Filter out the bots, generate genuine interest

Eliminate bots and cultivate a genuine community with our in built Bot-free function. Ensure accurate and reliable user data, enhance community interactions, and deepen your understanding of your audience through personalized experiences.


Interactive Quizzes

Boost user engagement and foster a loyal community with AirLyft’s quiz feature. Create interactive quizzes related to your crypto project and educate users while incentivizing participation with rewards. Gain valuable insights into user preferences and tailor your strategies for better engagement and retention. Fosters a sense of community as users can compete and share their results on social media. AirLyft’s quiz feature is a powerful tool for launchpads to drive engagement and build a thriving crypto community

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