Case Study: Pendulum Chain

The Pendulum chain is a decentralized blockchain technology for modernizing traditional financial infrastructure

Pendulum Chain

About Pendulum Chain

The Pendulum chain is a decentralized blockchain technology for modernizing traditional financial infrastructure. They are bridging the missing link between Fiat and Defi by redefining the financial system and introducing decentralization at its best. Some of the noteworthy points are

  • Pendulum Chain is a Forex-Optimized App Ecosystem

  • Has 1000x Performance with Substrate Runtime Module

  • Provides Seamless integration into banking worldwide

  • PnP compliance for FinTechs and Businesses

  • Next-generation smart contracts using WASM
    This is an all-in-one solution and you can use The Pendulum Portal for swapping, staking, bridging, and governance voting on Pendulum.

Pendulum Campaign Requirements

The pendulum team started with their implementation in Q1 of 2022 and has been working towards the development of the platform and gaining early users. The Community Manager of Pendulum Chain has been very actively looking for a community engagement platform that has the ability to support some of the customs requirements Pendulum Chain has such as

  • Participants should be able to connect their PolkadotJS wallet and the platform can successfully derive those addresses compatible with Amplitude Chain AMPE SS58 format.

  • All their early users should be rewarded with an extra point. The idea is for AirLyft to cross-check a list of email addresses provided by the Pendulum team at the backend and if the email exists, provide extra entries by verifying their task successfully.

  • Every shortlisted user should be able to accept the Terms & Conditions in order to be eligible for the reward.

  • Participants invite users to participate in the ongoing giveaway on any social channel.

  • Consider a valid entry, only if users have retweeted the announcement on Twitter and tagged 3 friends.
    Check out this link to access the New Year Celebration Giveaway by Pendulum Chain.

Solutions Provided

AirLyft team carefully understood all the requirements stated by the Pendulum team and has taken all the necessary steps to make sure that these requirements can be done easily at AirLyft.

  • We implemented the Amplitude Chain on AirLyft which helps collect the compatible addresses of the Amplitude Chain.

  • The cross-verification functionality of email addresses at AirLyft helped double-check if the participating user email is available in the list of emails shared by the Pendulum team.

  • Pendulum leveraged the form functionality of AirLyft to create Terms & Conditions that have to be agreed upon and submitted by the participants.

All the requirements were implemented successfully without any issues and everything went as expected.

Post Event Results

The Pendulum Chain team received an overwhelming response of more than 11000 entries and has received more than 60% new participants who have now successfully been onboarded to Pendulum Chain. The team loves our decentralized growth hacking platform and has been scheduling the next event for the second round of OG Crowdlist soon.

About AirLyft

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