Case Study: Streamlining NFT Claims for BITSAA BGM'23

BITSAA Global Meet was hosted in Jaipur, India where delegates claimed their Proof of Attendance NFTs from AirLyft

Streamlining NFT Claims for BITSAA BGM'23


AirLyft recently helped the BITSAA BGM'23 team to streamline the process of issuing commemorative NFTs to event attendees. In this case study, we'll take a closer look at the campaign requirements, solutions offered by AirLyft, and post-event results.

Campaign Requirements

BGM'23 was a large event with over 1500 attendees, spread across 50+ alumni batches. The BITS BGM team wanted to introduce attendees to the world of Web 3.0 and blockchain technology by providing a "Proof Of Attendance" NFT to those who attended the event in person. Here are some of the specific requirements stated by the BGM team:

  • Only those who had registered successfully on the BGM portal should be allowed to claim the NFT on AirLyft.
  • Users should be able to claim the NFT with just a single click, after connecting their blockchain-supported self-custodian wallet.
  • The NFTs should be created at AirLyft and made available for claim on the BNB Chain Network.
  • End-to-end support should be provided to users for claiming the NFT, as blockchain technology might be new to them.
  • A knowledge base should be created with step-by-step explanations and screenshots to help users participate, set up a wallet, collect addresses, and verify email.

Solutions Offered

AirLyft helped create a simple campaign page that met each of the BGM team's requirements:

Verified Email Task

To ensure that only registered attendees were eligible to claim the NFT, AirLyft's verified email task was used. The BGM team uploaded an Excel sheet of all registered participants, and AirLyft verified each attendee's email address against the sheet before awarding entries and making them eligible for an NFT claim.

Metamask Integration

To collect users' blockchain addresses, AirLyft provided Metamask integration. Users simply had to connect their installed Metamask wallet via wallet connect or browser-supported extension, after which AirLyft collected their public blockchain address for the BGM team.


AirLyft's AirToken reward mechanism proved to be very useful for the BGM'23 team, as it allowed them to create ERC 721 standard NFTs directly on AirLyft and deploy them on the blockchain of their choice - BNB Chain in this case.

Task Completion Email

After users completed the tasks, AirLyft sent a task completion email that confirmed that the NFTs would be sent to their blockchain addresses automatically within the next hour.

Knowledge Base

Finally, AirLyft created a knowledge base to help users better understand how to set up their wallet, claim their NFT, view or import their NFT, and address any possible FAQs.

Post-Event Results

AirLyft's solutions were successful in automating the process of issuing commemorative NFTs to BGM'23 attendees. Many claims for NFTs were made on-chain during the event, and the entire process was automated for the BGM team. AirLyft also provided a dedicated closed WhatsApp group for attendees to address any concerns or questions they had about NFTs and blockchain technology.

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