Case Study: Arrland

Pirates of Arrland is a cutting-edge multiplayer online battle arena experience that seamlessly blends the worlds of economic strategy and gaming


About Arrland

Pirates of Arrland is a cutting-edge multiplayer online battle arena experience that seamlessly blends the worlds of economic strategy and gaming. Users immerse themselves in a rich and dynamic 3D pirate world where they have the power to shape their surroundings and build their own legend. Players have the opportunity to own and control the characters, items, ships, and lands that they acquire in the game, becoming an integral part of the ongoing evolution of the Pirates of Arrland Metaverse.

Problems with the Campaign:

The COO of Arrland, Norbert Paszkowski, faced several challenges in conducting ongoing weekly campaigns, which required a significant amount of manual work. The main problems were:

  • Conducting ongoing events
  • Automatic verification of user participation
  • Ensuring unique participation by users
  • He needed deep dive analytics
  • Breaking down social media silos for better analytics.

Solutions Offered

Following a thorough discussion of pain points with the Arrland team, we planned a series of 10-11 events (1 per week) centered on their social platform actions such as twitter retweeting, tweeting, joining Facebook, subscribing to their YouTube channel, sharing the Arrland NFT metaverse app, and so on. Every week, they could view their Airlyft event performance in our analytics page. We provide an overview of a user's actions across multiple social platforms in one place, breaking down silos.

They wanted to have only off-chain tasks for the participants as below.

  1. Twitter Follow, like, retweet, tweet & user generated content (images)
  2. Instagram post view
  3. Share the event content
  4. Subscribe to YouTube channel
  5. Facebook page

Arrland wanted to distribute _____ $ARRC to the participants for all the events over the span of 4-5 weeks. This provided a great way to keep their audience engaged and hooked on the game while also keeping them up to date on the project's progress. These marketing funnels enable the project to gain a thorough understanding of their users.

Post Event Results

The results for Pirates of Arrland were a testament to the effectiveness of Airlyft's solutions in driving user engagement and growth. With over 24,000 entries and over 600 unique users interacting with their events, the successful giveaway campaigns resulted in a significant and consistent boost to Pirates of Arrland's social media presence.

About AirLyft

AirLyft is the ultimate decentralized, multichain growth-hacking platform designed to help projects establish, expand, and engage their communities. Our feature-rich platform incentivizes both on-chain and off-chain actions, automating validation, reward creation, and distribution to save countless hours of marketing and development effort. With support for over 9 blockchains, AirLyft is the ideal solution for any project, whether it's focused on Defi, GameFi, NFT Projects, or Metaverses.

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