Case Study: Warriors of Freya

Warriors of Freya is an art-focused NFT project based on Norse mythology and launching on the Avalanche blockchain with support from the Joepegs launchpad.

Warriors of Freya

About Warriors of Freya

Warriors of Freya is an art-focused NFT project based on Norse mythology and launching on the Avalanche blockchain with support from the Joepegs launchpad. This NFT project is an Art by @misha_ghannam & Ops managed by @manusrikumar and team that has limited 1000 NFTs available for the entire Avalanche Community.

Campaign Requirements:

Warriors of Freya and AirLyft have been making waves with their exciting collaboration! The project Co-Founders were ahead of the game, jumping on the Avalanche Blockchain early to secure traction and visibility on the Avalanche Network. Their goal was to sell out their mint on Joepegs NFT launchpad within minutes. But they didn't stop there. They also wanted to build a thriving community of NFT fans on their Discord server. After taking their time to understand what was needed, they came up with the following campaign !

“ Freya is the Norse goddess of love, beauty, fertility, magic, war, and death.

The gates of Vanaheim have opened. Freya has woken up in this new world from her divine sleep. Freya's call for her trusted warriors echoed through the world tree. This is not a call for war. It's a call to unite world women.

As part of incentivizing,

  • Whitelist 100 wallets from users who will complete this giveaway event. Whitelisted users will be able to mint first.
  • Three lucky winners will also get one free mint each.
  • Have to follow them on social channels and post original content about Warriors Of Freya to get eligible for a free mint. “

Solutions Offered

Get Ready for Lift-Off with AirLyft's Exclusive Marketing Support for Warriors of Freya! The AirLyft team had an in-depth discussion and provided top-notch marketing support. We constantly spread the word about Warriors of Freya in our communities and even hosted a dedicated Telegram community call to help users get to know the WOF offerings such as

  • Join the Exclusive Avalanche Blockchain Club!
  • Connect your wallet and submit your address for on-chain verification.

AirLyft made it easy with their wallet address collection mechanism. Plus, we used their social integration to verify required actions on Twitter and Discord - it's a seamless process. Don't miss this chance to be a part of the hype!

Post Event Results

As a part of the first campaign, Warriors of Freya received hundreds of participants and the team was very happy with the engagement level at the Discord server and official Twitter channel. The team is currently awaiting NFT pool module deployment where they are planning to run campaigns for their own ERC721, and ERC1155 tokens on AirLyft and distribute them as rewards which can be later swapped to exclusive NFT collections by the team.

About AirLyft

AirLyft is the ultimate decentralized, multichain growth-hacking platform designed to help projects establish, expand, and engage their communities. Our feature-rich platform incentivizes both on-chain and off-chain actions, automating validation, reward creation, and distribution to save countless hours of marketing and development effort. With support for over 9 blockchains, AirLyft is the ideal solution for any project, whether it's focused on Defi, GameFi, NFT Projects, or Metaverses.

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