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As a marketing professional, the biggest hurdle you face is creating tactics on how to grow your social following organically. With numerous fake accounts across many socials how does one navigate through all this to build a genuine community?

Use AirLyft's social task integrations to grow your Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Youtube, Instagram and more.

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To help you gain more followers, AirLyft enables you to employ a number of growth hacking techniques.

Twitter Tasks
Ask participants to retweet your post and verify the action easily.
Get your community to like a post to drive maximum outreach.
Add your twitter handle and increase your followers with ease.
User Generate Content
Get users to tweet, reply or quote your tweet with images, hashtags, or mentions.
Discord & Telegram Tasks
Join Discord
Promote users to join you Discord Server using an invite link.
Join Telegram
Grow your Telegram Channel or Group effortlessly.
Other Socials
Ask users to visit your youtube channel or video.
Easily promote your Instagram profile or post.
Follow, Post or Comment on a Subsocial Space.
Share or Visit
Ask participants to share or visit any given url.
Follower Acquisition across your socials
Effective follower acquisition can help increase your social media reach and engagement, as well as drive traffic to your website or other online platforms.
Automated Engagement with the community
Using Airlyft to automatically engage with your community or audience on social media platforms. This can include automatically liking or commenting on posts, sending automated messages, and other interactions.
Advanced Analytics on a task by task level
Collecting and analyzing data on individual tasks or activities to gain a deeper understanding of their performance. This can help businesses and individuals make informed decisions and optimize their strategies for better results.
Create content-specific targeted tasks
Developing tasks or activities that are specifically tailored to the content or audience of a particular social media platform. This can help maximize engagement and reach by creating content that is more likely to resonate with the target audience.

What’s our secret potion?

No more shuffling between multiple social platforms to complete and verify tasks for the community
Task verification happens at the blink of an eye
Smooth user experience
"Our team has ensured that using Airlyft is a breeze, making it suitable for businesses of any category. Simply sign up and connect your social media accounts to get started. Tailor your growth strategy and start seeing results quickly. Don't put off creating your community campaigns any longer. Begin increasing your social engagement and following with our growth hacking tool today."

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