Create verified on-chain actions on AirLyft to boost usage

Increase on-chain Actions

We know your Dapp has ground breaking features but most web3 users are skeptical. Incentivize users for interacting with your Dapp, they can't resist your Dapp once they have experienced it first hand.

Smart Contracts
With our no code smart contract integration, you don't need any prior programming expertise to create complex smart contract based tasks. Simply provide the contract details and a valid outcome condition, AirLyft will handle the rest.
AirLyft seamlessly integrates with several indexing protocols such as Subgraph, Subquery & Subsquid enabling to create fine grain actions with your Dapp. For instance, You can create a task on AirLyft to verify users who have made at least 5 interactions in the last 1 week with your dapp.
Dotsama & EVM
Wallet address is the primary identity in web3. AirLyft has integrations with popular wallets in both EVM and Dotsama ecosystem. Users can safely share wallet address in the campaign for the specified chain right from their wallet app, no more erroneously typed wallet address.
Use AirLyft's REST API Integration Task to interact with external systems and verify if user has completed specific actions in that system. It can be used to with your own server to verify user sign ups or make API calls to block explorers and verify user transactions.

On Chain Task Advantages

Increased on-chain activity
Targeted growth of product user base
Ability to promote specific product feature
Breaking the barrier to entry for newcomers into Web3
At AirLyft, we are dedicated towards making blockchain integration easy and accessible for businesses of all sizes. Try our On Chain Tasks today and bridge the gap between your app and community.

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